The WT Campus Minister's Alliance is hosting the 11th annual fundraiser and awareness event called "Give-A-Goat." The Give-A-Goat campaign culminates in an event called Shack-A-Thon. The purpose of the campus and community-wide event is to raise money to buy goats for people suffering from famine in the the Horn of Africa.

By giving goats, those experiencing famine in Kenya will have a means of survival. Goats are a great source of transportable livelihood for the people of this region.

We are partnering with Christian Relief Fund who will locate and deliver one goat for every $50.00 we raise.


Over the past nine years, this fundraiser has brought in more than $200,000.

Goats are a gift of life. Their milk is filled with protein and vitamins that provide great nutrition and prevent disease. And any extra milk or cheese can be sold by the families for extra income to buy necessities.

Just a few goats can transform an entire community, because, as the goats breed, the offspring are given to neighboring families.